InfoMaker 12.5

Query databases and create custom reports of data
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12.5.2 (See all)
A reporting and data maintenance tool. Creates reports to view data, forms to view and change data, queries to automatically retrieve data for reports or forms, pipelines to pipe data from one database or database management system, like SQL Anywhere, to another, as well as applications to bundle reports and forms and distribute them to users. Requires no programming. Provides built-in connectivity to a wide range of desktop and server-based databases.

InfoMaker is an easy-to-use interface to help generate informative, decision-ready reports. You don't need to know the database language to understand how to access your data. Templates for instant report layout, seamless connectivity to databases, and point-and-click query construction put you quickly in touch with the information you need. Corporate data becomes clearer, more readily available, and more visual than ever before. InfoMaker is the fast, intuitive way to make information make sense.

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